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Warranty Information

Labour Warranty:
Here at Stellar Exteriors we strive to provide the customer with the best experience possible and we will always do our best to provide you with the best installation we can provide, the unfortunate reality is no one in this world is perfect and we all make mistakes and fall short of goals we have set for ourselves; this is why we provide a 5 Year workmanship warranty on your project. We stand behind what we do and if there is anything that goes wrong we promise we will make it right!

Product Warranty:
The siding and aluminum materials have warranties that vary from 15 years to lifetime and depend on the product installed. This warranty will cover defects from the factory such as expedited fading, colours peeling, extreme wood shrinkage, all material warranty information can be found on the appropriate website of the supplier.

Statement of Purpose

We realize that changing the look of your home is not only a big and hard decision whether it be picking colours, styles or patterns, it can also be a large financial strain, that is why we strive to provide you with not only stellar service, workmanship and quality materials but also make it as an enjoyable and stress-free process as possible.

Technology has done wonders for us in the past couple years and we have taken advantage of it! Our suppliers have developed programs for you where you can take a picture of your home and put their products on your home to help you better visualize what your home would look like!

Give it a try!

FAQs (questions and answers)

How long can I expect my materials to last?

Thats a loaded question as climate, humidity, sun intesity, wind exposure and housing environment play a big factor in determining the longevity of your product but typically: Aluminum Products - 20 Years; KWP Products - 30 Years; Hardie Products - 25-30 Years; Metal Products - 40 Years; Vinyl Products - 5-15 Years

Where do you get your products from?

All products are sourced at local wholesale distributers in Winnipeg and 90% of the products are made right here in Canada

Do you serve more then just Winnipeg?

Yes we do! Although the vast majority of our work is in Winnipeg and surrounding areas we have been all over Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Kenora's cottage country.